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The hotels which make up Great Small Hotels are special establishments, each for a particular reason. They may be a boutique hotel, have an excellent location, or be situated in buildings which blend in with their historical surroundings, or possess outstanding character. No two are the same, but they all share one common denominator - they are all small hotels. Very often run by the owners themselves, they are places where guests receive a warm and, above all, personal welcome. They are boutique hotels to be fondly remembered once back from your holidays and which add to the joys of travelling.

An independent guide

This guide was conceived by a team of people whose only link to the hotel sector was through their love of travelling. It groups together establishments which, in the majority of cases and due to their nature, do not belong to any of the large hotel chains. Great Small Hotels is financed through contributions made by the hotels which appear in it. This, however, does not imply automatic inclusion in the guide, as a rigorous and independent selection process has been carried out.

The Travellers

For discerning travellers, lovers of authenticity and sophistication, intuitive, versatile

That is what visitors to Great Small Hotels are like. People who prefer to travel independently and who, in many cases, get great enjoyment from the organizing which comes prior to a holiday. Travellers who appreciate small hotels with character and for whom getting to know new cultures and countries means a succession of small and pleasing discoveries.

Due to the unique personality and diversity of the hotels which make up the guide, Great Small Hotels prefers not to classify them by means of categories. Thus, the visitor to this guide can find a deluxe hotel, according to traditional hotel standards, alongside one which is situated in an outstanding building, surrounded by luscious gardens, but which may not offer such a high level of services or whose interior may not be up to such a high standard. However, they are all appealing in their own way. Great Small Hotels offers a file with enough information for each person to choose the establishment which best suits their tastes and preferences.

Who are we?

Travel lovers...

The team of professionals that produce the Great Small Hotels guide all share a particular point of view : no travel can be a complete success unless you choose the right hotels. We are people who believe that, in order to have a great holiday, it is important to enjoy the hotel you are staying at. The kind of establishments that can tell you a lot about the location or ones so special that they create a whole world of their own.

...with a passion for hotels

Our passion for hotels also stems from the fact that these places, which we may stay at for just a few days or even a few hours, become our only refuge when away from home. Hotels have always had a literary importance. Ernest Hemingway began writing 'For whom the bell tolls' in the Hotel Ambos Mundos in La Havana and Joseph Conrad got his idea for 'Lord Jim' while staying at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Hotels are, undoubtedly, places which inspire fantasy.

It is always a pleasure to be able to give a friend the address of a hotel which we are sure they will love. It is with this same degree of satisfaction that we recommend each and every one of the hotels in our guide. is a website belonging to World travellers on-line.

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