What do you imagine, when dreaming about your honeymoon? Which memories do you want to get from it? What are you willing to give in exchange? Most of these questions can be summarized in just one: Which would we say are the best honeymoon destinations?

best honeymoon destinations

Considering that for everyone their honeymoon is supposed to be the most loved and remembered holiday of their lives, clarifying basic conditions, requirements and desires will be very helpful in order to define where to go. After presenting general guidelines to identify what kind of honeymoon holidays you should seek, we will provide you with some recommendations of the best honeymoon destinations according to respective preferences.

Define a season

First of all, you need to carefully decide whether you want to spend those days in a warm destination or in a cold one. Please bear in mind that if you are going to have longer holidays you may get easily tired of cold weather or vice versa. Be careful, even when you might not consider this step as so important, it is a decisive milestone in the planning stage of your honeymoon since it will define the following decisions you are about to make of all the best honeymoon destinations.


Small, big, versatile

Picking up a place or city to spend a honeymoon means a lot in a couple´s life. Just imagine how many tales you are supposed to tell about that time with your most beloved person in the world. Friends, relatives, workmates asking where did you go, how did you spend, what did you do, and so on. Therefore, you should anticipate by deciding if you want to visit a tiny town full of nature and suitable for romantic vacations, a big city with plenty of things to do, or some versatile options of those considered as best honeymoon destinations. This is the second big choice you face in this delicate process of love.

Best honeymoon destinations, winter

Best honeymoon destinations, winter

Valais, Switzerland 

Skiing could be considered atypical for a honeymoon, and that is what makes it so exciting. Among the best honeymoon destinations, there must be a winter place where to find a so relaxing activity like this one. Moreover, the varied beauty of this country, and particularly this canton, can be fully enjoyed by complementing some extreme sports with a soothing stroll. Just imagine sightseeing with your couple in light of those epic landscapes, taking pictures surrounded by that magical combination of colors and the uncountable activities to held.

Best honeymoon destinations, summer

Best honeymoon destinations Paris

Paris, France 

No matter the circumstances, in collective worldview Paris will always be a must in the best honeymoon destinations list. The city of love cannot be bypassed as one of the most important places to enjoy a honeymoon. As you may know, there you will find one of the greatest combinations of history, culture, fancy and fashion. At the same time, if you decide to go out at night the city will not disappoint you and also offering peaceful rides and quiet places.

French West Indies, Caribbean Sea (FR) 

If what you are looking for is some sun, sand and healthy weather with soft warm winds, then no doubt that French West Indies are some of the most exotic of the best honeymoon destinations. Perhaps you have never heard about these islands, which is the exact reason to consider them among all the destinies to choose. In Guadeloupe, Martinique, their small dependencies as well as all French Caribbean you will find a fine mixture of exotic, charming beaches with both, mountains and coral reef for diving or snorkeling.

Beyond doubt, the exact place to spend your honeymoon can be defined according to different expectations. What should be clearly stated all along the decision-making process, regarding what kind of environment you want to be in, how much crowded you want your hotel to be, what activities you would like to do. Once you have defined these aspects, you are ready to decide. 


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