Iguazú Falls have long been considered one of the top three natural wonders in the Modern World. Today, they are Natural Heritage of Humanity. For this reason, due to its majesty and the imposing beauty of the two national parks in which they are inserted, it is one of the obligatory destinations for all nature lovers to see the Iguazú Falls.

Something that must be considered when seeking to visit the Iguazú Falls is that these are shared by two countries: Argentina and Brazil. On both sides, the landscape is extraordinary and differs in terms of the views that can be obtained and the routes that can be taken. Therefore, below, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to see the Iguazú Falls in both countries.


What are the Iguazú Falls?

The Iguazú Falls are a series of waterfalls that are located on the river that gives them their name: the Iguazú River. The formation that these waterfalls generate is like a great horseshoe, being more than 2,700 meters long. Along this distance, around 275 waterfalls develop, where it descends towards a great geological fault. The most imposing meter reaches a height of a total of 82 meters.

The Iguazú River is a natural border between Argentina and Brazil. However, they are usually seen as a tourist attraction, especially on the Argentine side, because that is where the largest number of jumps are located. However, today, both countries offer different activities to see the Iguazú Falls within the framework of the two national parks in which they are inserted. These parks are also dedicated to the preservation of the flora and fauna of the jungle in this area, so visiting them is an experience that goes much further even than the falls.

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Iguazú Falls from Argentina: Iguazú National Park

The Iguazú National Park has been a Natural World Heritage Site since 1984. It is a unique natural universe full of life and vegetation. It is in the Province of Misiones, on the Argentine coast and is, today, a site for the preservation of flora and fauna. There are two thirds of the Iguazú Falls, which are the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred 200 million years ago.

This park can be visited both privately and through a travel agency. Among the multiple visits and tours that can be made in this place, the following stand out:

  • The Jungle Ecological Train
  • The Green Path
  • The Superior Circuit
  • The Lower Circuit
  • Devil’s Throat
  • The Macuco Trail
  • The Ybyrá Retá Visitor and Museum Center


Where to stay?

If you want to visit this area, there are various accommodation options, both in the Province of Misiones and in Puerto Iguazú, closer to see the Iguazú Falls.

In Puerto Iguazú, you will find the Iguazú Jungle Lodge, which is a purpose-built luxury lodge surrounded by beautiful gardens, as well as the tropical jungle. It offers not only beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable accommodation, but also first-class service in an environmentally responsible environment and excellent food.

The hotel is located only about 26 kilometres from the Iguazú Falls, which makes it a perfect location to explore this region. In addition, the hotel itself organizes different activities and experiences for visitors, including visits to the Three Borders, the falls, river cruises, among others.

Iguazú Jungle Lodge - see the Iguazú Falls

To have a complete experience of the South of Brazil, a good alternative when staying, in case you want to visit the Iguazú Falls from this country, is Curitiba. In this way, you can be at a suitable distance from the area of ​​the Falls and, at the same time, close to the beach and other attractions in this part of the country.

In this sense, Hotel Nomaa, located on a quiet street in Curitiba, is a newly built boutique hotel that combines contemporary design with great connectivity, gastronomy and first-class service in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by the best shops and restaurants.

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Iguazu Falls from Brazil: Iguaçu National Park

One of the benefits of these locations is that visitors can visit Iguazú Falls from both countries, crossing the border and getting the views from both Argentina and Brazil. In Brazil, these are in the framework of the Iguaçu National Park.

One of the differences is that, in the Iguaçu National Park, visitors use a semi-open bus to be able to move from the Visitor Center to the area of ​​the walkways, from which the beautiful views of the Falls are obtained.

By choosing to see the Iguazú Falls from the Iguaçu National Park in Brazil, you can also enjoy going through beautiful trails knowing the flora and fauna of the jungle. At the same time, visitors have the option of practicing extreme sports such as rappelling and rafting and enjoying a swim in boats that drive under the falls.

When traveling from this park, there are four main bus stops. These are:

  • The path of Poço Preto
  • The Macuco Safari
  • Senda Das Cataratas Stop
  • The Puerto Canoas Stop

Seeing the Iguazú Falls is considered one of the experiences that all people should do once in their life.

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