Where to go for holidays is one of the most relevant questions you will ever ask to yourself, to your family and to your friends. This is not a whim or an idiom, the reason is that the decision you are about to take will define where and how you spend the most expected and desired days of the year, for you and specially for your beloved ones. That is also why, even when perhaps you would love to go skiing, you would not set a family vacation on Switzerland if your children love the beach, the sand and the Sun. As a matter of fact, children do love beaches and there seem to be no place like that for them.

Therefore, the decision of where to go for holidays must be carefully thought and taken. Luckily, Europe has plenty of alternatives, so the underlying question is what do we want? In order to answer this, we will provide you with some options, together with necessary information to begin considering where to go for holidays.

Nothing like a beach

Most of leisure time is spent on the beach, since it is one of the only places where you can relax just with what surrounds you. When you are on holidays in a coastal city, day and night enjoyment is almost guaranteed 24/7. For instance, there is no need of ski rental, or of getting a horse to ride or paying for additional taxes to have fun. Actually, you can do it if you want, but fun is also within reach without them.


Where to go for holidays, Iberian Peninsula

If you have made your choice and the beach is going to be your destiny, then the Iberian Peninsula must be considered as an option. Whether you prefer oceanic beaches or the Mediterranean Sea is going to be another pending question, yet for sure any decision would satisfy your desires. Portugal will fulfil the first, Spain the latter, and no matter the choice almost any place will provide you with all kinds of entertainment for both day and night. If you have not decided where to go for holidays, San Sebastián or Marbella (Spain), Cascais and Tavira (Portugal) are just some good examples.

Iberian Peninsula

Snow, speed and sun

On the other hand, if you are not a sand lover but your preferences go better with low temperatures, then a ski resort could meet your expectations. Fortunately, Europe is also a possible answer when you ask yourself where to go for holidays. Tignes, in south-eastern France may be your next station. With facilities developed for sixty years, this ski resort is particularly careful on keeping their pistes at good standards.

If your search targets somewhere most easily accessible and with recreational activities that goes beyond skiing, try Andorra. This tiny Principality landlocked in the north-east of Spain is keen on offering you all its history and geopolitical relevance so you can have fun and then take off skies to directly connect with living footprints of uncountable communities that wrote entire pages of European history.

  mountain vacation

Where to go for holidays

As you may see, where to go on holidays is not as simple as it may seem. Nevertheless, this issue must be taken as the starting point of a celebration soon to be held with family, friends or even alone. In any case, Europe is a continent where you can easily find distraction and culture, the best of our past, present and future. In conclusion, even if you would fall short of deciding, not having the time of your life is highly unlikely. 


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