Art in Basel is not only about visiting museums or exhibition galleries. Like not many other cities in the world, this Swiss gem is itself a subtle selection of living art treasures. People who live are proud of the daily stage they can afford by developing their careers and building their lives among such pieces of a unique display. For them, it will always come to a point in which looking around becomes a topic of conversation over having at sight so unmatched buildings, streets, bridges, and other traces of History.

Art in Basel

On top of that, art in Basel can also be found in any of its more than forty museums. This city, one of the largest three of Switzerland, has more art galleries than square kilometers and that is a strong signal of what it represents. As a matter of fact, even when the town is meaningfully charged of a rich past. This can be seen on any classical facade and every detail of them. Moreover, art is not limited to it, since many of those museums also exhibit contemporary art or provocative design expositions.

Geography and history of art in Basel

Basel city

Located where the Swiss-German-French borders join, north-central region of the country, it is no exaggeration to state that Basel language can be considered a hidden piece of art. The division of the town caused by the Rhine, which then runs its course to dividing France and Germany, becomes an excuse for another open-air exhibition: the six bridges that connect one side with the next one. Those antique structures have seen centuries of human race development, international meetings, and peace negotiations.

There are not many cities in the world that could boast about their cultural heritage. Basel can, with its Old Town, secular buildings, monasteries and churches, and, of course, museums and art collections.

Museums of art in Basel

This Swiss city has undoubtedly one of the highest ratios of exhibitions per square kilometer, even per person. In differing degrees, these collections of art in Basel bear varied significance, from cutting-edge shows to centennial pieces, which are summarized hereunder.

Basel itself

Known as Old Town, this tiny part of the city can be found nearby the old city gate, next to the river in the higher left bank. Better to know it on foot, this incomparable neighborhood is a loyal past keeper where to find the Natural History Museum of Basel. Clearly. This collection focus on anthropology, zoology, paleontology and so. However, with more than seven million objects that include a mummy, it is considered an archive of evolution.

Paper Mill Museum

Paper Mill Museum

If you are delighted by the passion of reading, then this museum will grab your attention. The Swiss Museum for Paper is based in a paper mill building which worked five centuries ago. It was restored and guards a great part of national history. Elementary techniques of printing, dipping paper, and bookbinding are there to be learned.

Basel Historical Museum

Since 1894, Basel Historical Museum offers multiple sites to visit, as it is split into three buildings. One of them´s main attraction is the corpse of a woman mummified, discovered in 1975.

Augusta Raurica

The last of these recommendations is Augusta Raurica, a Roman archaeological print in the south bank of Rhine river, half an hour far away from the city, where one of the oldest Roman colonies was located.

As you may have appreciated, words will never be enough to tell what to find in this magical Swiss city. Actually, Basel itself is the best incentive to dare and travel across time, jumping into an unbelievable artistic and cultural legacy.

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