Strong arms, wide straight back, forceful legs, and an enviably amazing mind collection of views, landscapes, places, and moments. Rock climbers are one of a kind among sportspeople and deserve these tips of best rock climbing in the world. As anyone would imagine, even if it is useful and important to keep pace, the climbing wall at the gym will not be enough. Neither will those places you are already used to climb. The one and only solution for these limitations is to think bigger and forget about boundaries.

woman climbing

In order to overcome your own limits, you just have to dare and try new destinies, many of them probably located in places which may seem too far away. The good news is that rock climbing has expanded so much that thousands of both, professional and amateur climbers are feeling encouraged to take that step. Like them, you can also visit unexplored places and discover a completely new world of challenging adventures.

Better together 

Group climbing

In spite of being a group sport, since you necessarily need help from your teammates, rock climbing is rarely performed with relatives. Moreover, it is an activity usually done with the same group of climbers. Nevertheless, to be considered best rock climbing in the world a destination should be capable of also offering activities and entertainment for those who come along with climbers. Therefore, every suggestion should consider not only the mountains to be climbed but also the nearby cities and attractions for your family, so you can share your passion with your beloved ones.

Mountain top

Mountain top

Stating that there are lots of places which can qualify for best rock climbing in the world is not news. From southern Chile to the innermost Asian destiny, going through wild Africa, classy Europe, or sophisticated America. The only condition required is imagination with a solid definition of what kind of mountain top you want to reach and with whom.

Best rock climbing in the world: Germany


To begin with, let´s talk about Frankenjura, one of the biggest European geographical extensions for climbing lovers. Located in central Germany and surrounded by many important cities as Nuremberg or Bamberg, this alternative provides you with more than 10,000 routes where to find possibilities for both, the most professional climber and the youngest beginner, as well as every level in between. Avoiding winter is the only climate condition to consider. Even with its high temperatures summer is still suitable for this sport. Nevertheless, it must be clearly specified that autumn and spring are the best seasons for it.

Best rock climbing in the world: Italy

Best rock climbing in the world

If you are thinking of a place that combines your favorite sport with highly enjoyable landscapes of mountains, lakes, and medieval buildings, then go south to meet Arco, in northern Italy. This region offers many marvels, being its breathtaking views one of the most remarkable of them. This small town is one of the many that surround Lago di Garda, the largest of the country in Sarca valley. With centennial castles and towns, history speaks by itself and gives undercover paths for unforgettable walks, together with vertical and even overhanging climbing walls.

Best rock climbing in the world: France


The last suggestion is specially dedicated to those with family, time, or economic restrictions, and it is about bouldering in Fontainebleau, France. In spite of being not as wild as the previous ones, this option could be not only almost equally challenging but surely cheaper. Moreover, it can be a starting point for passing your passion along to your fellow travelers.

Summarizing, the best rock climbing options can be found in many countries and under plenty of possibilities according to your level. The secret is to wisely choose where to go and with whom.


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